Drummer Boy Collection 2017

Be sure to stop by the library between now and December 31st to take a look at the Drummer Boy collection that is on display in our art gallery. This collection belongs to Deanna Myers, and has been part of their family since 1972. You will see a large variety of music boxes, paintings, fabric dolls, figurines, plates, ornaments, and many other unusual forms of Drummer Boys. Even one painted on an egg! The library is a perfect place for this display, so plan to bring your family and friends of all ages for a little Christmas joy. It would even make a good program for various clubs you might belong to. The whole idea of Drummer Boys originated because of the song which was written many years ago. It explains that the little boy had no gift great enough for the Baby Jesus, so he played his drum for him. A great lesson for all of us in that gifts from the heart are always the most meaningful.