Art Gallery Summer 2019

Science Fiction Display Provided by Richard Brookman & Logan Brookman
Co-Hosts of ComicPop Library

The Haskell Township Library is happy to host a Science Fiction display provided by the co-hosts of the ComicPop Library podcast, Richard & Logan Brookman. The display is titled “Expanding Your Universe of Stories Through Play.”

ComicPop Library is a podcast with a broad range of pop culture topics.   Richard Brookman started ComicPop Library in January, 2011 when he was the Director of the Kearny County Library in Lakin, Kansas. The podcast reviews popular culture with an emphasis on how items fit into library collections.

Richard Brookman is the Consultant at the Southwest Kansas Library System. He has shared his knowledge of popular culture at the Kansas Library Association Convention with presentations featuring comic books, graphic novels, and anime.  The Exploration Place in Wichita featured Richard’s collection of American and Japanese animated movies posters.  He has also presented to the International Reading Association.  Richard is a product of the Star Wars generation. His attention was caught by the saga of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. His collection, which started with R2D2, is extensive including comic books, action figures, posters, books, cars, and more.

Logan Brookman is Richard’s son and shares his father’s love of collecting.  Logan enjoys Science Fiction and Fantasy, especially dragons. He is also into anime, manga, Pokemon, and trading card games. Logan has been a member of the library community since 2013 as an employee of Kearny County Library.

Logan’s first appearance with Comic Pop Library was in August of 2011.  He was a Sophomore in High School joining his dad and two other library professionals. Richard and Logan enjoy the world of Popular Culture and spending time visiting with various co-hosts, authors, artists, actors, and producers.  Their podcasts have included interviews with Alex Geringas, the composer/writer who wrote the song “Darkside” performed by Kelly Clarkson; Kevin Stark, an action figure designer for several toy lines; and Face Off contestant, Kevon Ward. They especially enjoyed having Matt LaPoint. a recording engineer from Los Angeles, join them in Lakin for a podcast. Through ComicPop Library, they had the opportunity to act in a Star Trek Fan film. You can listen to their podcasts at or catch them on I-tunes.

The Science Fiction Collection on display at the Haskell Township Library in Sublette, Kansas is just a small portion of Richard & Logan’s combined collection.  This is the result of many years searching garage sales and shopping for sales.   Richard and Logan are always on the look out for a good deal and welcome any donations.   They truly enjoy sharing their love of Science Fiction and popular culture.  They have had fun with their collecting and hope that all who visit have fun with it as well.  As Richard says on the podcast.  ‘Catch you on the flip side.”

This will be on display May 15 thru August 2019.