Temporary Closing

Dear Patrons of Haskell Township Library, 

Over the past several days, life as we know it has come to a screeching halt. The Haskell Township Library Director, Staff and Board have been in constant communication in our efforts to protect our patrons and staff while still meeting the needs of the community. We are having to make difficult decisions, as are most facilities of any kind in the country. These decisions are not made without discussion and thought, combined with currently available recommendations and information. We are in continuous contact with the Southwest Kansas Library System and are following their guidelines. At this time all libraries in this system are closed to the public. The American Library Association has also issued a statement recommending that all libraries, nation wide, close during this time. The safety of our patrons and staff is our primary concern. 

Haskell Township Library will remain closed until further notice. We realize that closing is an inconvenience to those who would love to have books to read while practicing social distancing and this issue is what pains us. For this reason, we will have plans announced soon which will allow current patrons to take books home. Details are still being worked out; please check our Facebook page to stay up to date! 

As previously posted, there are fabulous resources for ebooks available through the State of Kansas Library site. You can check out ebooks for no charge and read them on any electronic device. If you have not used this service before and need help with this process, please feel free to call the library (employees are still working) and someone will guide you through the steps. There are also numerous services available through the State of Kansas Library site which you may find engaging during this time of less social interaction. What a great time to research your genealogy! Pick a time in history and learn all about it through the resources on the site! Children can listen to books or can read books on their own. Explore the seemingly endless possibilities while you have the opportunity! 

Another detail worth noting is that Haskell Township Library offers free wifi. You are welcome to pull up to the library and use your device to access our internet at any time of the day or night. If it’s nice out, let the kids sit on the sidewalk and use the internet. 

We will continue striving to make the most out of a situation none of us ever expected. Check our page for ongoing updates and information. Thank you for your patronage as well as your patience and understanding. Social distancing isn’t easy or fun, but in the end, protecting the most vulnerable members of our families and community is what’s truly important. Please stay safe and healthy!

Joy Jacquart Member,
Haskell Township Library Board