Summer Reading 2018


Jimmy Tancayo, a native Hawaiian, will be at the library
Wednesday, June 20th at 3 p.m.
Jimmy is new to our library, so you don’t want to miss out on this Summer Reading Program! 

Summer Reading 2018

Rock your imaginations as Thad Beach transforms a common wooden chair into a musical one! His concerts provide lots of opportunities to participate as he demonstrates a variety of ways to make music! While his roots are in old-time mountain music, country blues and jug band styles, Thad enjoys putting his own creative spin on solid musical traditions. This program is lots of fun for all ages!

Join us Thursday, June 14th at 3 p.m.

Summer Reading 2018

Share A Story: Daniel The Tiger

Share a Story is part of Smoky Hills Public Television’s mission to encourage children to read. Each year libraries around the viewing area invite SHPTV to share information about PBS Kids programs, read a story, teach children a craft project and send each one home with a book for them to enjoy with their families.

Join us Wednesday, June 13th at 10:30 a.m.

Children lap-sit to age 8 are welcome!

Summer Reading 2018

Mad Science ROCKS with you this summer! Together we will discover the universal language of music. Music communicates, inspires, and brings us together. Clap and be astonished to see light streak from the vibrations! Explore pitches and make your own music using things you find! Use PVC pipes, boom-whackers, and even glasses of water to create a silly Mad Science symphony! We invited you to join us THURSDAY, JUNE 7 AT 5:30 P.M.  for this free program! 

Summer Reading 2018

Libraries Rock: a Magical Musical Tour

Dan Dan the Magic Man, the traveling library magician is coming to town to help our young people get excited about books and reading. Dan Dan the Magic Man will bring his unique blend of comedy and magic to the annual summer reading program on Monday, June 4th at 3:00 P.M.
His all-new magic show is a forty minute program that is based on this year’s summer reading theme: “Libraries Rock”. Through audience participation, Dan Dan the Magic Man uses his nearly 40 years of magical experience to bring to life the joys of reading and the fun of learning and exercise. Each summer, Dan Dan travels the state of Kansas with his magical children as his assistants and a menagerie of live animals. You never know what surprises will be up Dan Dan’s sleeve when his magic reading show comes to town during his 16th summer reading tour. The magically fun performance will thrill children of all ages and entertain their parents as well. As always, Dan Dan the Magic Man’s shows are interactive, so children get to help create the magic!
The summer reading program provides local children the opportunity to develop reading skills, share in fun activities, and experience the benefits of the local public library. Studies have shown that children who continue to read during the summer perform better in the fall when school resumes. Summer reading programs like Dan Dan’s “Magical Musical Tour” magic show make reading enjoyable and appealing to young people. 
Admission is free and everyone is invited to enjoy a good time with Dan Dan the Magic Man at Haskell Township Library. 

Memorial Day 2018

2018 Summer Reading Program




We are super excited about this years Summer Reading Program! Come in today to register your children. This is a free program for all children and abilities. Movie Tuesdays start May 22nd and the first Summer Reading Program starts June 4th . Pick up a schedule of programs at the library! 

Brush Therapy Painting Party May 2018

Call 620-675-2771 to reserve your spot at the painting party! This event is Thursday, May 17, 2018 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Drummer Boy Collection 2017

Be sure to stop by the library between now and December 31st to take a look at the Drummer Boy collection that is on display in our art gallery. This collection belongs to Deanna Myers, and has been part of their family since 1972. You will see a large variety of music boxes, paintings, fabric dolls, figurines, plates, ornaments, and many other unusual forms of Drummer Boys. Even one painted on an egg! The library is a perfect place for this display, so plan to bring your family and friends of all ages for a little Christmas joy. It would even make a good program for various clubs you might belong to. The whole idea of Drummer Boys originated because of the song which was written many years ago. It explains that the little boy had no gift great enough for the Baby Jesus, so he played his drum for him. A great lesson for all of us in that gifts from the heart are always the most meaningful.

Jerry Barlow Concert 2017


Acclaimed Celtic fingerstyle guitarist Jerry Barlow is a virtuoso musician, a warm and accessible performer, and a world-class storyteller.  His repertoire is composed of a synthesis of traditional music from the British Isles and his own original Celtic-inspired compositions.

Barlow’s music transports the listener across time and space on an imaginary journey to a  rustic Irish fishing village or the misty Scottish Highlands or an enchanted English forest.  In concert, Barlow brings the songs alive by sharing the history, legend and humor behind the music. His expressive arrangements have been described as “music to soothe the soul, warm the heart, and lift the spirit.”

Jerry will be in concert at the Haskell Township Library in Sublette, Kansas on Sunday, September 17 at 2 p.m.

This concert is free to the public.